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Algorythm  Software   2004-12-05 16:25:00 


Mathematical model or function. Where a calculation or transformation of data is done programatically yielding a result based on and initial value.

i.e.: f(x) = x + 2.

This function will always return the original number x with 2 added on to it.

Binary  Software   2004-12-05 16:17:00 


A 2 position (1 or 0) based Language or Algorythm that allows to produce any kind of numerical value solely based on the position of ones and zeroes in a chain.

Bit  Software   2004-12-05 16:16:00 


The smallest unit of data a computer can process. It represents each and every 1 or 0 in the Binary Language the computer manages.

Burn  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:37:00 


The process of a laser "etching" information on a Disk.

Byte  Software   2004-12-05 16:10:00 


Group of 8 units, of Bits. Commonly thought to be the least Bits used to form any ASCII charater used in computerd.

Sometimes the notation of Kilobits is the same as Kilobyte i.e.: Kb. The context usually determines which.

In computer Data a Kb is Kilobyte, in Telecommunications it represents a kilobit.

CD  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:38:00 


Short for: Compact Disk. Term coined by the company Sony in the late 20th century.

CD-ROM  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:34:00 


Can designate the Media or the device.
CD ROM is short for compact Disk. read only Memory.
It is a Storage device or Media that is usually used to distribute the equivalent of a hard copy of data.

Although many devices are available to write or Burn a CD today. The term ROM is still associated with this device since it was not designed with the intention of modifying data on it (very often).

Usually holds 650 Mega Bytes of data. Also available in 700 Mb

CPU  Hardware   2004-12-05 15:19:00 


Central Processing Unit. This is the heart and brains of any computer. It carries out instructions received from Programs.
It is a very complex array of transistors.

Notable CPU Manufacturers are AMD, INTEL and lately SIS.

A CPU's speed is usually measured in Hz although 2 processors of different makes do not carry out the same number of instructions per cycle.

This is one of the great caveats of the consumer apect of computer purchases. It is very difficult to know what processor is good for one's needs.

CRT  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:51:00 


Cathode ray tube. Used to describe "ordinary screens".

Disk  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:39:00 


Any circular based Media.

DVD  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:42:00 


Digital Versatile Disk. Analogous to the CD-ROM but designed to recieve much more Storage. As an additional feature, DVDs have more that one "layer" per surface to be written on. Usually holds 774 Gigs of data

Gig  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:09:00 


AKA Giga
Altough in the metric sense it means "billions" (1000 x 1000000) in the computer jargon it most often means 1024 x a Mega.

CPUs also use Gig for their clock speeds in which case it means "one billion".

Hardware  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:22:00 


Any device who's function is determined by it's structure. Often antonym to Software.

Hertz  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:22:00 


See Hz

Hz  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:21:00 


aka Hertz. A unit to describe a 1 cycle per second.

I/O  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:30:00 


Aka Input-Output.

Usually designated to describe the exchange of data between different Hardware devices. But can also mean simple exchange of data between logical processes in a Program.

Kilo  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:00:00 


Usually describes 1024 units. Except for Storage (see note for Mega ).

Language  Software   2004-12-05 16:28:00 


A method of communicating or programming a computer. Usually denotes a translation between the machine Language (like assembler or Binary code) to a more "Human friendly" Language to write Programs such as Visual Basic or Delphi.

LCD  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:52:00 


Liquid cristal display. Used to describe flat screens that use electrically charged liquid crystals to display an image.

Note: this process is slow er that Plasma Displays.

Magnetic  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:48:00 


Technology based on the usage of Magnetic polarity (+/-) for encoding or decoding data.

Mb  Software   2004-12-05 16:45:00 


See Mega and Byte.

Media  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:39:00 


A physical means to tranfer data from on location to another.
A floppy-disk is Media and so is the internet.

Mega  Hardware   2004-12-05 15:54:00 


Altough in the metric sense it means "millions" in the computer jargon it most often means 1024 x a Kilo.

CPUs also use Megas for their clock speeds in which case it means "one million".

This is not true for Storage devices. Historically Storage devices did use this notation, then manufacturers noticed that they could legally sell them with only a million Bytes per megabyte sold. This seemed insignificant at the time, but if you refer to the fact that we are now dealing with devices that hold thousands of Megas (or Gigs) then you will notice that this "legal downsizing" is a nice profit margin for manufacurers.

Memory  Hardware   2004-12-05 13:30:00 


The staging and sorting area for computers to do their work.
Usually Memory is used in the context of RAM. Although there a re commonly 3 types: ROM , RAM and Storage. But also there is: Cache and NVRAM .

NVRAM  Hardware   2004-12-05 15:36:00 


Non Volatile RAM. Memory that can be wrotten to and read from. But does not get wiped out when current is no longer applied to it.

Optical  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:47:00 


Technology based on the usage of light for encoding or decoding data.

Plasma Display  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:53:00 


A flat screen technology using a similar technique as fluorescent lights for generating a picture.

Usually yeilds a britghter picture than LCD of not as sharp.

Program  Software   2004-12-05 16:33:00 


Defined Series of intructions written in any Language. This basic component of Software.

RAM  Hardware   2004-12-05 11:31:00 


Random Access Memory. Memory that is usually solid state (no moving parts) and information can be dumped into and read. This is the primary staging area for a computer's CPU to work in.

ROM  Hardware   2004-12-05 11:31:00 


Read Only Memory. Memory that is designed to hold information and not let it be overwritten.

Software  Software   2004-12-05 16:23:00 


A series of instructions and Algorythms designed to perform a task once interpreted by the appropriate Hardware.
Often know as an antonym for Hardware.

Storage  Hardware   2004-12-05 15:44:00 


AKA Mass Storage. This category of devices are designed to hold amounts of data that would be non-reasonabe or non economic on RAM.

These devices include: Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Optical Disks and Magnetic Media. The units of sorage are usually expressed in Bytes.

USB  Hardware   2004-12-05 16:56:00 


Universial serial bus. A paradigm devised to simplify the connections between a computer and it's peripheral devices.