How can I get shows onto my Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)?
Basically, you need to unlock your .tivo file and convert it from MPEG2 to MPEG4. To do this, download two free programs: 3GP Converter and AviSynth 2.55. Install AviSynth and then launch 3GP. The first time you run it, configure 3GP for English and set output to PSP, Direct, Renamed. You'll also need to edit the 3GP .ini file so that it recognizes Tivo files by adding this line in the [Avisynth] section: Ext3=TIVO:\cores\AVS_Skelton.avs. Once you've done that, launch 3GP, choose an output directory, drag your .tivo file in, enter your Tivo Desktop password, and conversion should begin. You can play around with output settings, though 368x208/29.97fps/QB7 Stereo/96kbps seems to have a decent balance of quality, file size, and time to convert. Your output file (i.e.: M4V00007.MP4) needs to be located in \MP_ROOT\100MNV01\ on your memory stick for the PSP to find it.