How to install Windows Movie Maker 2

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Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Manual Install

So, you got windows XP Home. It didn't come with windows movie maker, did it?
You can download it here IF THE LINK IS BROKEN you can download it here, but it's much slower: Alternate download

Now you need to update it to 2.1, Well they say all you have to do is make sure automatic updates are enabled in the control panel, and you are all set.
Unfortunately, if you already installed Windows XP's Service pack 2 before you install movie maker, it will not.

So what can you do?

I wrote a simple batch file that you can use to update your version to 2.1, hopefully the good folks at Microsoft won't try to sue me for helping you by providing some of their files here.

What you need to do next. Download this zip file.

Now to create a system checkpoint with system restore. Where is it? See the picture below

Next step, extract the files from the zip file to a folder, like C:\TEMP

When that's done, locate the file called install.cmd in the folder you just unzipped the files into and double click on it.

THAT'S IT! You're done.

Hope this hepled!

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